How Sally’s Adventure Begin

How Sally’s Adventure Begin

My lab is in a forest. Real Story: My house is very deserted.

I have no neighbors around my so thieves are all over the place.

I need a guard. It can be two. They can be dogs.

I bought Sally and another dog. Both of them are German Shepherds.

That dog’s name is “Soldier”, and he’s stronger than Sally.

One day they had a fight.

And Soldier has to go.

Now Sally is alone.



But she is a very good guard and she loves to bark at people.

And her adventure begins.


The real story is: we need a guard to protect our house. And my family decided to have a German Shepherd as a guard. So we bought 2 and they don’t like each other. We took 1 away and we’re left with Sally. She guards our house nicely and she turns out to be our pet.




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