About Smoky and Sally

Hi, I’m Dan the scientist from Danupon Drake’s Adventures in Science. And now I created another blog for my cat. He asked me to do it and we made a deal, and the deal is: he needs to catch mice in my lab and I need to create and maintain his blog. His name is Smoky and he’s an American Shorthair. His birth date is: June 7th, 2016, you can count the years to know what age he is.


December 2016

And he’s going to show you how cute he is and what’s his adventure at my house (and lab).



January 2017

Now after Sally sees that Smoky have a blog, she asked me to do it another one for her and we made a deal, and the deal is: she needs to help me take care of Smoky and I need to maintain her blog.

August 2015


But having 3 blogs is hard so I put them in the same blog. They agreed. Her name is Sally and she’s a German Shepherd. Her birth date is: May 9th, 2014, you can count the years to know what age she is.

October 2016


The real reason I made this blog is: to make my other blog popular.

Hit the follow button on both of my blogs.

Please like, comment, and follow.

My science blog: https://danupondrake.wordpress.com/

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4 Responses to About Smoky and Sally

  1. weggieboy says:

    The follow button still doesn’t show when I pull this up. There must be something about Asian websites that makes that happen. I’ll keep trying and looking, perhaps ask WordPress again to investigate the reason. There are several blogs I’d like to follow in India and your two that don’t show the follow button.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s very strange. It’s a blue button and it’s at the right under top posts (it’s under authors on the right for the science blog). Or if you scroll down and up, you would see it on the bottom right on every blog. You probably did these steps, but if they don’t work, something is wrong.


      • weggieboy says:

        Dan, I had an epiphany and now am officially following both your blogs (and YouTube). It seems the problem was I had the ad blocker on, and it’s been treating new blogs as ads to block. Once I turned the ad blocker off, the follow button appeared on both blogs! Whew! It;s always something simple and stupid with computers, eh?! Now I need to go back through all the follows I couldn’t follow and straighten things out.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, thank you so much! Ad blockers? On other blogs, I just press the follow button and that’s the end!


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